Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crate Expectations

Creating cool ideas with crates is easy

Under-Bed Storage
Many wooden boxes are the perfect size for sliding under a bed. Use them to compartmentalize objects normally stored there, such as children's toys or board games.
Using a wooden box as a planter will make an unconventional and stylish addition to any room in the house. Simply fill the box with topsoil and put it somewhere with plenty of sunlight.
Wall-Mounted Storage
Instead of boring wall-mounted storage made of particleboard, a group of wooden crates mounted on the wall will provide a visually pleasing and rustic storage or display area. Try arranging them in a square, a rectangle or an unconventional shape.
Stacked for a Bookcase
Making a bookcase out of stacked crates is a technique commonly used by minimalistic decorators or apartment-dwellers. However, if done with some thought, a bookcase made of stacked wooden crates and boxes can add style and personality to any room.
Pet Feeders
If the box has a closed top, cut two circular holes in it and place metal bowls in each one for food and water. Dogs and cats can eat in style, too.
If you have a wooden box or crate that is the right size, it can make the perfect footrest. There is no underestimating the added comfort that an ottoman can bring to your living room.

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