Thursday, December 23, 2010


Calling all Greeks!!
we have this beautiful Dennoyer Geppert map Of Greece for sale for $175.
Map dated 1953. Printed on sturdy canvas with original dowels. A great way to fill up that wall with a cool convo piece!
45" X 47" long.

The Denoyer-Geppert Company was a major manufacturer and supplier of "visual demonstration equipment for geography, history and the biological sciences," including globes and maps. Based in Chicago, it was co-founded in 1916 by L. Philip Denoyer, a former geography teacher, and O.E. Geppert, a salesman. In its early years, the firm was associated with two British globe and mapmakers, George Philip & Sons and W. & A.K. Johnston, Geppert’s former employer. The Denoyer-Geppert Company continued in business as a globe maker and school supply house until the late 20th century.

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